You’re In the Right Place in the Right Time

Thank you, Bro. Bo Sanchez, for the recent stocks update for members of the Truly Rich Club! Thank you for sharing that you earn so much more in the Philippine stock market than in the US Stock Market.

We appreciate your opening our eyes to the importance of diversifying investments. And the same time, we’re happy to know that now’s a great time to be in the Philippine stock market.

Yes, exciting times ahead for our country, especially in the coming 38 years. And yes, we will continue investing in the stock market consistently every month.

No matter whether the prices go up, and (especially) when prices go down, we will regularly invest.

Thank you also to Mike Viñas for the article “Things That Get Better Over Time”, and for sharing with us which stock just gets better and better over time.

You are effectively teaching us Truly Rich Club members exactly what makes you say that the company mentioned in the special newsletter has a good future. So yes, we will continue buying that stock.

By the way, we like the way you clearly explain things using just a few sentences. Thank you for saving us so much time, since we don’t have to wade through reams and reams of financial analysis. With your help, we’re able to spend more time with our family and loved ones! 🙂

Speaking of TIME savings, it’s so easy to follow your table of stocks to continue buying. Just 6 of them, plus there’s a column showing the Target Selling Price.

Thank you po talaga, Bo Sanchez, and the Truly Rich Club! Until the next update… 🙂

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