The Power of Words

Words are powerful. And I got reminded even more about that truth after reading Bro. Bo Sanchez’ article Change Your Words, Change Your Life. Then something occurred to me…

It’s not just the words you say that have power over you and your world. It is also the words that you write.

Yes, I’m all for speaking. I believe in the strength of the spoken word. When people here you say something inspiring, you’ll see it light up in their eyes.

I’m also for writing. And it’s fascinating how a simple punctuation mark can change the meaning for the reader.

For example, Bo Sanchez wrote about that Bible passage in Joel 3:10 that goes: “Let the weak say I am strong.”

Now let’s try writing that differently…

Let the weak say: “I am strong.”

Notice the difference? I mean, aside from the fact that we used larger text. 🙂

Bro. Bo is right. Successful people use words to direct their situation, while less successful people use words to describe their current situation.

Let the weak say I Am Strong.

Did you see how it wasn’t “I will be strong” but rather: “I am strong.”

It’s the here and the now. It might not sound realistic, but a lot of great achievements didn’t seem realistic at the start.

Take for instance you. Right now. Reading this article.

Years ago, no one would’ve thought that you and I can easily communicate and exchange ideas via this webpage. No matter where we are in the world. And also, no matter when.

I could be asleep while you’re reading this.

Isn’t this amazing? And isn’t it possible that people who first dreamed about the internet and computers were judged to be “not realistic” by more logical or more “realistic” people?

Say your future. Make what you want your present. Use the power of words.

You are successful. Today. Right now.

Say it with conviction. Pray it… with faith.

And that, my dear friends, is the power of words.

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