Switching Stocks

We followed the advice of Bo Sanchez to switch stocks recently…

While the temporary drop in the value of the total stocks held was expected (after we switched from that previous stock to more attractive stocks), we were happy to note just a P300 decrease in our total investment.

Why such a small amount?

The stock we switched away from had given us some dividends. 🙂

The lesson here is that while Bo Sanchez is not an all-knowing guru with access to a team of stock analysts and an infallible stock market mentor, we can easily make the necessary adjustments.

It was good to know what stock to switch away from. We would have never guessed that the outlook for that industry could affect the future growth of that stock’s price.

Thank you, Bro. Bo, for that timely email message. Thank you for teaching us about which stocks are attractive.

Thank you for saving so much time for us! 🙂

We used to be so scared about investing in the stock market, but it’s easy when you know that there is someone out there who’s looking out for us.

It’s great to be a member of the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez!

Maraming salamat po! 🙂

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