Powerful Healing Prayer

If you want to pray for someone’s health, try the Affirmation Method where you say a certain prayer several times a day.

This method is mentioned in The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.

So if you have a relative, friend, or colleague who needs to get back to health soon, try this prayer…

Let’s assume you know someone who is in the hospital. You can start by saying: “This prayer is for my colleague (state her name)…”

Next, continue with:

She is relaxed and at peace, poised, balanced, serene and calm. The healing intelligence of her subconscious mind that created her body is now transforming every cell, nerve, tissue, muscle, and bone of her delicious being according to the perfect pattern of all organs lodged in her subconscious mind. Silently, quietly all distorted thought patterns in her subconscious mind are removed and dissolved, and the vitality, wholeness and beauty of the life-principle are made manifest in every atom of her being. She is now open and receptive to the healing currents that are flowing through her like a river, restoring her to perfect health, harmony and peace. All distortions and ugly images are now washed away by the infinite ocean of love and peace flowing through her, and it is so.

To affirm = To say that “it is so.”

Keep this in your mind, and regard it as true. Even if appearances say the contrary.

Try this powerful healing prayer today, because miracles do happen.

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