Moms as Pinoy Virtual Assistants

Did you know that moms make very good Pinoy virtual assistants? They’re at home and near a computer, usually, and have what it takes to succeed and make money with the help of the internet. Here’s why…

Moms have great organizational skills. Have you ever tried preparing all your kids for school? I mean, in the evening there’s homework, plus washing up, and getting the children to sleep.

In the morning you need to wake the kids, prepare breakfast, dress up the children, make sure their things are complete and properly packed, and then ensure that they get to school.

Sometimes, there are countless emergencies such as when the school bus does not arrive, or your daughter’s school uniform gets soiled by spilled milk.

Moms can do a hundred and one things. They’re the ultimate multi-taskers.

Moms are analytical. Then when your son or daughter is off to school, you take a break before checking your groceries, your home budget, your finances, whether or not you can pay the rent, or how you can plan your funds.

In between these to-do’s, moms will go online and make friends in Facebook, catch up on a bit of news, and do some network marketing online where they discover how to engage in stock market investing.

Moms read and connect a lot. Then there are the easy to read books of Bro. Bo Sanchez, the tips on how to grow your money, the lessons on how to have spiritual abundance. Plus, moms will have access to the computer once again.

In this scenario, dedicated moms who are interested in using technology will have the drive and the necessary skills to become effective Pinoy VAs or virtual assistants.

All that’s needed is the proper training, and sufficient motivation.

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