Bo Sanchez Stocks Update – October 23, 2012

Thank you, Bo Sanchez, for the Truly Rich Club stocks update on which stock to buy…

Stock investing is so easy, with your email newsletter. And as a member of the TRC, we save so much time.

Your recommended stock today is something we haven’t personally invested in before, but the potential 22 percent growth (target selling price divided by current selling price of the share of stock) looks quite interesting.

Plus, it’s a solid company.

All in all, it just took us less than 3 minutes to buy those shares online, with the help of Citiseconline.

Who would’ve thought that investing in the stock market would be this easy? 🙂

We just saw your Stocks Update in our Inbox, Bro. Bo, and it was so easy to implement.

By the way, we appreciate your latest Wealth Strategies newsletter – “Unless You Bet, You Don’t Win”

At first, we were surprised by the title. But it all started to make sense when we read about the Prosperity Gospel and the Practical Gospel.

Thank you also to Dean Pax Lapid for that article “Proble To Prove Your Product (In the Market)”, because it helps us use that Analysis Tool in our work and in our business! 🙂

Thank you, Mr. Lapid, for sharing with us your experience in San Miguel Corp.

Thank you po talaga for helping us and for teaching us Truly Rich Club members. You’re the best!

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