Bo Sanchez Stocks Update – Jan 30, 2014

Thank you, Bo Sanchez, for sharing with us in your latest high-value Stocks Update the answer to the question: “Do you want to earn through dividends or capital gains?”

That’s just one of the many benefits we get in the Truly Rich Club members’ site…

A lot of Filipinos tend to focus on Capital Gains. Afterall, that’s what makes the stock market so exciting..

You’ll sometimes hear people say that they bought low and sold high, especially during those times when the stock market keeps going higher and higher.

It’s no surprise, therefore, when our friends don’t usually talk about the dividends.

Thank you, Bo Sanchez, for quickly summarizing which recommended stocks give dividends. We also greatly appreciate your reassurance that while those figures don’t look that exciting (for now), they will in the decades to come.

Thank you for adding to our investor education the concept of Target Price.

It’s good to learn why the Target Price of Fair Value gets adjusted, because this helps us become much more intelligent stock investors.

That’s one of the many reasons why we joined the Truly Rich Club! You help us grow our funds, plus you save us a lot of time.

What a blessing! It’s fun to invest in the stock market.

Again, thank you for the Truly Rich Club and for making stock investing so EASY to UNDERSTAND!

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