Bo Sanchez Stocks Update – Feb 28, 2013

Thank you, Bo Sanchez, for the important Stocks Update which you emailed to us, because it gave us an important insight regarding the current excitement in the Philippine stock market. That’s just one of the many benefits we get in the Truly Rich Club members’ site…

So typical of us Filipinos to get worried when things are going great. Somehow, the “this won’t last” fear creeps in.

(Some people asked us about rumors. It’s a good thing we have more info inside the TRC.)

Thank you for reassuring us by pointing out what strategy to use when the stock market goes up, and what to do if the stock market goes down.

It was also eye-opening to see the alternate strategy for different types of investors.

And more importantly, thank you for teaching us what a certain kind of stock market investor should do RIGHT NOW.

We enjoyed reading the latest newsletter article of Mike Viñas called “Forecast: _______“, because it gave a recap of the COL Financial semi-annual Market Outlook Briefing held at the Meralco Theater last Feb 19, 2013.

We missed that event, so your Newsletter is greatly appreciated. Now we know what the forecasted market climate will be over the next six months, plus why COL Research thinks the market will be that way.

Thank you for sharing with us the SI + TLT Strategy.

We also read about the newly recommended stock ___, and we hope to see it in the future SAM tables so that we can easily note the Buy Below Price and the Target Selling Price. It’s exciting to see what’s in store for this growing company!

Thank you also for quickly showing us which 4 stocks to continue buying. Yes, we can go through the various COL Financial Fundamental and Technical Reports, but your table in the Truly Rich Club StocksUpdate lets us know in just 7 seconds.

That’s one of the many reasons why we joined the Truly Rich Club! You help us grow our funds, plus you save us a lot of time.

What a blessing! It’s fun to invest in the stock market.

Again, thank you for the Truly Rich Club and for making stock investing so EASY to UNDERSTAND!

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