Bo Sanchez Stocks Update – Aug 4, 2014

Thank you, Bo Sanchez, for sharing with us in your August 2014 Stocks Update newsletter that when it comes to growing your passive income, the stock market is still the winner.

One of the many benefits we get in the Truly Rich Club members’ site is getting the following juicy nugget of wisdom…

Thank you, Bo Sanchez, for sharing with us the info about what would happen if we invest at the peak of the stock market, and then did nothing else for 3 decades.

The comparison between the stock market and the bonds or Treasury Bills market was eye-opening!

And thank you for reminding us what the real investing strategy is. So yes, we will continue using your recommended method.

Thank you also to Mike Viñas for the Investor Education tips about the stock market index.

It’s great when these wonderful mentors teach us more about the stock market. In effect, we’re not just investing; we’re also growing in knowledge.

It was good to see the summarized table of 2013 TrulyRichClub’s Stocks Top Winners! The stock with the estimated return of 39.96 percent was great!

That’s one of the many reasons why we joined the Truly Rich Club! You help us grow our funds, plus you save us a lot of time.

What a blessing! It’s fun to invest in the stock market.

Again, thank you for the Truly Rich Club and for making stock investing so EASY to UNDERSTAND!

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