Bo Sanchez Stocks SELL Alert – November 28, 2012

Thank you, Bo Sanchez, for the timely SELL alert. It’s great to be a member of the Truly Rich Club!

Yes, we are aware that the price of that stock might still go up. After all, you don’t have a crystal ball.

We appreciate your assistance in helping us “manage the greed.” Oftentimes, even when the signals show us to sell, some of us might still hold out, hoping that the stock price will go up.

Given the excitement in the Philippine stock market, there is always the chance that the stock price will go up in a few days.

And yet, we will not be greedy. 🙂

We will sell that stock, based on your recommendation, and then use the proceeds to buy more affordable stocks (among those you’ve listed in your recommendations).

Again, thank you Bro. Bo Sanchez, for helping us consider the Philippine stock market. Your lessons are clear, and we’re no longer afraid of investing in equities.

Your guidance has opened our eyes. Knowledge with action is POWER!

It’s great to be a Truly Rich Club Member! And we will continue telling all our friends about you and financial literacy. Maraming salamat po! 🙂

(If you want to know which stocks Bo Sanchez recommends to buy, and when he recommends that we sell, please check out the Truly Rich Club… even if you’re just curious!)

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