Bo Sanchez Stocks SELL Alert – January 22, 2013

Thank you, Bo Sanchez, for the Stocks Sell Alert which you emailed to us. Of course, it also helps to regularly log into our Truly Rich Club members’ site…

Now this is interesting… The stock hasn’t gone near yet our Target Price, but you’re now asking us to sell based on newly-acquired information.

For a while there, I thought we could just post a list of Buy Below Prices and Target Selling Prices next to our computer monitor, and then simply monitor prices.

Now it’s so much more convenient, because you, Bro. Bo, send us important email messages plus key information about the less than 10 stocks in your recommended portfolio.

And because of those timely messages, we’re now able to act accordingly.

Thank you so much, Bo Sanchez, for sharing with us the prospects of the stock that you’re now asking us to sell, and for pointing us to the alternative stock to buy.

We look forward to receiving the upcoming article of Mike Viñas regarding these stock movements.

Again, thank you for the Truly Rich Club for making stock investing so EASY!

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