My Maid Invests in the Stock Market

“Whole Civilizations Depend
On Their Monthly Padala

They send most of their salaries back home.

They send it to their parents, siblings, nephews, nieces, aunties, uncles, cousins, including their pet carabao. Sometimes, I feel my helpers are supporting entire civilizations.

Without their monthly stipend sent back home, the economy of an entire barrio will cease to exist. People will loiter on the road aimlessly. Children will die of starvation. And the world will come to an end.

That’s not the only problem.

My helpers know enough to save a little every month. So they don’t send everything back home. And for a few months, their savings accumulates. It reaches P2500 and they’re happy.

But then, the inevitable happens.

My helpers receive a text message: A cousin’s husband’s nephew’s neighbor’s mother is in the hospital. Could they please send P2500? If not, the patient will die–and they’ll carry the guilt of that person’s death in their conscience forever.

So they send it. And they’re back to zero. Again.

Every time their savings grow beyond P2,500, their family knows.

Call it ESP. Call it telekinesis. Relatives smell it. And they call.

So to avoid this problem, I taught my helpers a simple system.

Believe me, the system works.

Let me teach it to you now.