My Maid Invests in the Stock Market

Chapter 1: Everyone Ought To Be Rich

I preach to thousands every week.

I write bestselling books that are read by thousands more.

I also speak everyday on radio and TV to millions.

People think I’m pretty big.

So big that I meet only big people.

Well, I do meet big people.

I lead small groups for big leaders and big businessmen. We call these small groups Caring Groups.

In these groups, we care for each other. We pray together, chat about our lives, and study God’s Word.

But people don’t know that I lead a very different kind of group at home.

Every week, I lead a Caring Group consisting of my three helpers and my driver.

Each week, we pray together, chat about our lives, and study God’s Word.

I have so much fun in our weekly meetings.

I’m able to help them in every aspect of their lives.

My driver is married. So I teach him how to strengthen his marriage and become a great father to his four kids.

My helpers are all single. So I coach them how to relate with their boyfriends. (My other name is Dr. Love.) I teach them how to remain pure and discern guys.

Oh, we talk about everything under the sun. Their relationship with God. Their physical health. And yes, their personal finances.

“How Much Do You Pay Them?”

When I tell people my helpers invest in the stock market, people ask me, “My gosh! You must pay them a fortune.”

No, I’m not Sharon Cuneta.

I heard she pays her helpers P25,000 each. (That’s only a rumor. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not.) If it’s true, then that’s great.

I pay my helpers generously, but not that much. I’ll later tell you how much I pay them.

But you see, that’s not the main problem.

No matter how high their salaries are, they still can’t save anything. Let me tell you why…